i’m a person who often wants physical affection but is also very uncomfortable and particular about physical contact

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People who have a superiority complex based on their enjoyment of vintage music or books are some of the most annoying people in the world and if I ever hear you ridiculing someone just because they may not enjoy listening to the beatles whilst reading to kill a mockingbird and sipping a cup of hibiscus green tea i will literally come to your house and staple your nipples to your elbows 

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I’m crying

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Dianna Agron on the set of her latest movie ‘Headlock’

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We're going back to Skokie, with or without you.

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im just so glad the word “ugh” was invented

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when your friend karen suggests that you go to taco bell when you can’t go to taco bell because you’re on an all carb diet


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Glee Meme | Six Characters (1/6)

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60 Days Klaine Challenge → Day 7: Favourite Klaine Outfits

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